Bar Baar is a new-age all day dining and bar concept that unifies the global Indian elements together.

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Wandering around Dubai, you’ll find one place that stands out from the others. If you’re one of those party diabolical, crazy about having the time of your life – EVERY NIGHT, this place is your one-stop destination. A new-age, all-day dining & bar concept that unifies Indian elements.

Established in the year {year}, with one sole purpose of bringing the funkiest and coolest place for those hangouts that sets apart from the rest.  A twist of Desi Menu with a huge variety of our special drinks will set your standards high. A huge stage with music on the groove with amazing live performances that will make your heart skip a beat with joy. 

That’s just the tip of all the craziness filled evenings that will set apart the best days of your life. If you’re in town and don’t visit Bar Baar, you’re just missing out on the hottest talk of the town.