Bar Baar is a new-age all day dining and bar concept that unifies the global Indian elements together.

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About Us.

Where events are not just anything but a sect. If there’s one place where you will find A diaspora of personages from around the globe, it is Bar Baar, Dubai.

Started in the year {year}, with one clear discernment of bringing “The New-Age All Dining and Bar Concept that unifies the Indian Element.” If it comes to nightlife in Dubai, there are venues, night clubs, and dance festivals to suit every taste, but if there is one element that holds every spirit right, it’s the eventides spent at Barbaar, where we have something for everyone. Whether you’re a party-animal or fresh of years, a big spender, or a low budget, Barbaar is the place to ring in.

Actions twirling around planning a night-out, a gala-time with friends, listening to some fantastic music while you savor with your comrades & colleagues is just the tip of what you can do at this colossal Bar Baar.

The group backing the Barbaar’s most up-to-date facelift has done a phenomenal job of it. It’s elegant without being chilly, it is intricate without skimping on pleasure, and above all, it honors the past.

Drag is at the forefront, queer culture is caroused, and the audio is party-level consummation.  Our ambiance is grand; the bar beautiful & service is astounding; however, our creative cocktails make us one-step over everywhere else. Every cocktail will make you seem out of the world with improbable & artistic presentations.

When you come to BARBAAR, you can get a space where we endeavor to convey to the local and barbaric people the essence and warmth that delineates the music civilization.  We offer different party themes tailored to distinct trends and events held at a national and global level, sufficing our patrons’ expectations for ages.

With a sweeping choice of beverages, unwinding ambiance, and quality cuisine, you’d fancy visiting Barbaar every time with a sense of exploring the new.

Bar Baar blends the best of your office and a cafe.  Bar Baar is the property of the free9lancer) and a haven of artistic souls rummaging for a compelling alternative to a conventional workday.

Bar Baar is that path-breaking urban hangout signified to take you offline while still keeping you united, a neighborhood where networking can happen even if the internet is not working (don’t worry, the internet’s always functioning). Bar Baar is a collaborative workspace, a heart for artists, designers, and innovators.  It is where entrepreneurs, photographers, writers meet web developers, creative independents meet to bounce thoughts off like-minded peers.